Some of these albums have a very explicit message and/or ambience whilst others inspire me probably more due to my personal associations, memories, fantasies, musicianship, what-have-you... all these albums contain beautiful music that stirs and nourishes my soul in some way. Music is a very subjective thing, yet it trancends our differences - our culture, our language, our beliefs.


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Tom Rossi - Salma Har

The songs have a such simple structure, but the many layers and influences from various cultures keeps it interesting and fresh. A lesson to musicans everywhere to keep it simple and play it from the heart.

Dan Gibson - Yoga

I find a lot of ambient / meditative music to be somewhat cheesy, but this is a beautiful album that uses space and atmosphere to great effect. Truely wonderful music for relaxing or meditating.

Robbie Robertson - Robbie Robertson

Robbie has always been a great influence. A great guitarist, a great storyteller, and someone with a great ear for something slightly different. He paints evocative pictures with his music.

Robbie Robertson - Storyville

Whilst his previous self titled album is predominantly rock orientated, he softens up beautifully with his second solo venture. One of the few people I've heard who can still get away with voice overs. For genuine romantics everywhere.

Robbie Robertson - Music for Native Americans

Robbie leaves the security of his popular music roots and returns to the sounds and textures of his maternal homeland. Simply wonderful atmospheric music. A truely great homage to a great people.

Robbie Robertson - Contact from the Underworld of Redboy

The overall theme still Native American, obviously an issue close to Robbie's heart, but this time mixed with contempory dance music. Once again Robbie demonstrates how he moves with the times and can convey his message and his unique style irrespective of the medium used.

Sting - The Soul Cages

This album was recorded just after the death of Sting's father - an event which obviously affected him deeply. In this very dark, sombre work, every song is a very personal catharsis, yet the underlying architypal themes offer something of value to us all.

Rachmaninov - The Isle of the Dead

Like most of Rachmaninov's work, this is very moving and romantic piece. Inspired by Arnold Böcklin's haunting painting, it narrates the story of a soul journeying to it's final resting place on the Isle of the Dead. This voyage evokes a wide range of powerful emotions, both light and dark - beauty and melancholy intertwined.

Rachmaninov - Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganni

Rachmaninov once said "... when writing down my music, [I try] to make it say simply and directly that which is in my heart . . ." He has a very difficult life and undoubtedly this is reflected in his profound compositions, yet there is also joy and beauty. The Rhapsody is pure bliss, enough to bring tears to my eyes. Every time I listen to it, a tension slowly builds within me from the first bar until finally the whole thing flips on it's head for the famous 20th variation, at which point I'm held motionless in a state of total calm and serenity.

John Barry - Somewhere In Time

I've always been a sucker for a good love story. This soundtrack was also my introduction to the Rhapsody (by Rachmaninov). The rest of the music complements it perfectly.

Vangelis - Bladerunner (Orchestral Adaptation), Bladerunner (Original Soundtrack)

A great film, and two great (and distinctly different) soundtracks. Night music that takes you straight back to that desolate and beautiful world in 2019.

Andy Summers - Mysterious Barricades, The Golden Wire

Another atmospheric album that conjures up such vivid memories and emotions for me. It's also a great album to fall asleep to.

Soul II Soul - Just Right Vol. 3

Perhaps a little dated now, but the message is still fresh. Jazzy B knows how to write and produce a song and get the best out of the contributors. Respect...

John Martyn - Solid Air, One World

This hippy album is still a classic. Every song is a masterpiece.

John Martyn - Solid Air, One World

It seemed impossible to think that John could follow up Solid Air with another classic, but he did.

The Police - Ghost in the Machine

I've been a Police fanatic since my youth. In many ways this was my favorite album because it was the least pretentious. They just went in to the studio and did their thing, despite the increasing commerical pressures to produce a stream of hits. Probably the darkest album the band produced, but also the punchiest and the most profound. Possibly one of the best drum sounds ever captured!

Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams

An enlightened man. Listen to the lyrics.

Peter Gabriel - So

Peter Gabriel is a master at conveying emotions and the mechanics of life without resorting to complex or pretentious music. I've never heard such an honest bearing of one's own soul through lyrical music.

Peter Gabriel - Up

I hope Peter is ok wherever he is in his life - this album is very dark, even for him. There is little relief. Still, there are lessons and truths in here that we can all learn from if we are prepared to open our hearts and minds.