I never intended to create this site. I had been collecting some quotes that I found inspiring and wanted to store them somewhere that was easily accessible. Then I thought, why not put them on the web? The final result is the little site you see here.

I have deliberately not added many of my own thoughts or opinions except in the music section. You'll probably will agree with some of the content here and disagree with some of it too. At least, I hope so. I believe that it's primarily through being challenged and subsequently reexamining ourselves and our reactions that we grow, expand, become more whole and truely embrace anything and everything that life has to offer. I think most of us are intimidated by this challenge - it's easier to stay with the familiar, blame someone or something else, let the desire to win and be right prevail. Again you may agree or you may not - we all have to take our own path, but I believe there is no universal right or wrong anymore, there's only what is right or wrong for each of us individually.
This is my path to love and happiness.